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COVID-19: College of Optometry update, 19th March 2020.

Telephone-based consultancy for replacement glasses and contact lenses

“We are encouraged by the GOC’s response to our concerns regarding patients’ need for eye care during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this period, we want to ensure patients can still access replacement contact lenses and spectacles safely. This guidance gives members confidence that they will be able to work within the GOC’s standards of practice and act in the best interest of the patient.

The ability to supply optical appliances by telephone review when an eye examination or contact lens aftercare is due is both a sensible and proportionate approach to achieve this. We have developed contact lens and spectacle telephone review forms to help support professionals to deliver the best possible care during this time, when some patients may not be able to attend the practice due to self-isolation.”

Due to the government-mandated suspension of business, we are currently closed to the public except for emergency appointments; for example if you’re suffering from double vision, painful eyes, loss of vision or light flashes, please call us on 01243 940180 and we can arrange for you to come in.

We are also able to offer telephone reviews, as mentioned above; again, if you require this, please call us on 01243 940180.

If you require an emergency replacement of glasses, we have a small selection of frames and basic lenses which we can use in order to tide you over. Please call us for more information and to make arrangements.

  We are working with our glazing labs to get orders to our patients as soon as possible, but there will be unfortunate delays as a result of the government mandate.

Due to the customised nature of these orders, we are unable to offer refunds but as stated above we will monitor each order closely and advise you of its progress and collection options.

All contact lens orders will now be delivered to our patients homes. If you require contact lenses, we can take payment over the phone. Our contact lens provider is remaining open, but if there is a change to this, we will let our customers know as soon as possible.

If you are unable to collect your glasses, please let us know and we will keep them safe until it is possible to collect them. Alternatively, at this time we are also offering delivery to homes, so if you would like this, please call us and we can make arrangements.

Everyone here at North wishes you the best of health at this time.

Kindest regards



Children’s eye tests in Chichester! Are we the best?

Here at North we’re proud to offer free NHS children’s eye tests. It’s a big statement to make, but here’s why we think we offer the best children’s eye tests in Chichester!

  1. We LOVE kids. Helen and Iain have their boys, Gayna and Bina have young children, and Ellie and Angie adore nieces and nephews. It brightens up our day when children come in the shop!
  2. Experience. Between us all here at North, we have over 50 years of experience in working at an opticians, including Iain who has been a fantastic optician for 12+ years. In that time he has been awarded Most Trusted Optician in the UK, and was Contact Lens Retailer of the Year.
  3. Family run = family friendly. Since opening, it has been a point of pride here at North to be described by our patients as warm and welcoming. We want to make you feel at home, and as mentioned before, having young children gives our team first-hand experience of what works and doesn’t work when caring for children’s needs in a retail/medical environment.

Added to those points, we have a gorgeous collection of kid’s frames. Look!

New at North, we have Nano. These frames have been described as ‘kidproof’ and are incredibly hardy. They have patented S-shaped hinges which means no more snapping arms, a soft padded bridge, and you can have the arms 3 different ways – regular arms, a band that attaches to the arms and keeps the glasses firmly on your child’s head, or you can take the arms off altogether and have a band instead! Perfect for sports, playtime, or even a fidgeter.

Blue Nano kid's glasses with descriptive text

Nike frames have proven very popular here, especially for older boys. They look grown up, are sporty and have that all-important brand name.

Kid's Nike frame in grey and blue

Bulget frames bridge the gap between very young and almost teenage children. They come in lots of fun colours and a variety of frame shapes!

Pink Bulget kid's frame

So look no further for children’s eye tests in Chichester – you’ve found the perfect place.