Camden by Etnia Barcelona

Fulgencio Ramo was the grandfather of the founder of Etnia Barcelona, and was the man who started the family’s passion for sunglasses. Fulgencio worked for years on the factory floor of a sunglasses company in Barcelona, until he was finally able to create his own factory in Poble Sec in the 50’s.

Every Sunday Fulgencio would come home with a bag of glasses that his daughters had to clean for the coming week, and by gradually passing on his knowledge and enthusiasm to his daughters, he subsequently passed on the torch to the next generation.

In time a new company was born; this second generation designed, manufactured and distributed glasses to the whole of Spain, maintaining the family’s passion and dedication. This endeavor lasted until the end of the 90’s, when 17 year-old David Pellicer, Fulgencio’s grandson, started to work at the factory. With two generations worth of inherent values, and an abundance of acquired knowledge, fresh-faced David eagerly entered into the company, ready to create something new. Thus, Etnia Barcelona was born.