North Opticians and Eyewear

Easing out of Lockdown

As the country nervously starts to ease out of Lockdown, we are opening our doors once again to the world.


North Opticians shop frontage

North Opticians and Eyewear

We know that in years to come people will ask the question, “what did you do in the Pandemic?” and we’ll say, “we served.”.

Throughout this Pandemic, North Opticians has provided it’s friendly essential and emergency eyecare service. Of course, we had to dramatically change our working environment to keep the Team and you safe, but we couldn’t let our clients down at this time.

Our Optician Iain continued to commute into the practice. The rest of the team worked from home to keep safe and help protect the NHS at this time. Any clients that had essential or emergency needs were invited to come into our safe environment. We take the well-being of our clients very seriously, and while the world slowed down and stayed home, we undertook measures to ensure that our practice continued to offer a safe service.

We know some of you will be nervous about the brave new world we are slowly starting to embrace, and we want to reassure you that we haven’t just been sitting around! We’ve been learning and training. We’ve been sourcing PPE, and we’ve had a spot of refurbishment to update the shop and stay safe.

North's till area featuring new wallpaper, distance markers and a protective screen

Here you can see North’s till area featuring new wallpaper, distance markers and a protective screen around the till

North's dispensing room

North’s dispensing room has also been given a makeover

While most of our clients were staying home, here are some of the measures we were busy putting in place:

  • We have all undertaken extra training to ensure your visit and service is compliant with Covid 19 awareness, infection prevention and control.
  • We can reassure you that North will be a safe and uncrowded environment, with clear social distancing signage.
  • We have implemented increased hygiene measures.
  • Every frame will be disinfected after it has been tried on.
  • Masks are a requirement in store and can be provided.
  • We have installed protective screens throughout the shop and our staff will be wearing PPE.
Iain Thompson wearing a face mask and apron

We will be wearing PPE, as shown by Iain

We hope that you have been safe and well throughout this period. And we are very much looking forward to serving your eyecare needs going forward. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any concerns or questions.

North is ready for our new normal. We’ve been here all along.