Welcome to Götti

We are thrilled at North to be the exclusive stockist of the stylish brand Götti in Chichester.

The  collections cultivate simplicity in its most beautiful form,  providing expression of a person’s individual character. We’re very excited to introduce this beautiful brand to you.

Götti combines traditional craftsmanship and industrial innovation at the highest level; precise carefully chosen details result in the ideal fit. With their harmonious proportions and an insistence on state-of-the-art technology, the frames stand equally for timeless design and functionality.

Handmade in Switzerland

The company was founded by designer Sven Götti in 1993. From the beginning, Götti has worked with renowned manufacturers of eyeglasses. The development of their own eyeglass production in Wädenswil, Switzerland, began in 2016. First and foremost, the objective was to make their own ideas a reality.

Sven Götti says of his brand, ‘When I look at everything that has changed here, and how much we have learned so far, I sometimes feel amazed. It gives me a sense of confidence in our ability to reinvent ourselves over and over again and thus meet the needs of our customers around the world. Innovation is always positive and something other projects benefit from as well.’

Handmade in Switzerland

Every acetate frame is hand-polished–with the polisher’s personal quality seal. Their names are Barbara, Ludmilla, Renate, and Waltraud, and their hands bear the traces of many years of experience. With trained movements, talent, and precision, they create the unmistakable Götti shine on their acetate frames. Moving with precise hands, the nuances of each pair of Götti glasses are lovingly brought to life.

Gotti Melia

Götti Melia

The Melia is a beautifully feminine soft cat eye, available at North in the purple shown above.


Gotti Waby

Götti Waby

Waby is a fantastically contemporary unisex frame; the soft square is dramatic, but tempered down with its use of natural colours. Currently available at North in the olive green shade.


Come into North and explore our range for yourself. We have Covid policies in place for your comfort and safety.  We know you’re going to be as impressed as we are!